Code128 & Code39 Barcode Images

If you require sequential barcode images (code128 or code39), for asset tracking, please order them here. They can be printed onto library books and membership cards. They can also be used for asset tracking (in big companies).

When placing your order please let us know (in the “additional information field)” the sequence you require; the format you need (either code128 or code39); and the barcode size you require.

Please note that Code39 can include letters as well as digits – however more space is required because of this, therefore code39 barcodes need to be bigger than code128 barcodes (in order to be scanned accurately). If you don’t have much space we would advise that you get code128 barcode images.

If you want to order sticky barcode labels for your sequential barcode images we can help you – sequential barcode labels can be ordered here (this may be easier than finding your own label printer or printing the labels yourself).

Note – we process these orders manually based on your specifications. This means that it can take between 1 and 12 hours to process these orders. If you want an accurate idea of when you will receive an order. Feel free to give us a call.


  • Code-39 or Code-128 Images

    Here you can purchase sequences of either code-39 or code-128 images. These will be emailed to you in 4 different formats (Bitmap, Eps., Tiff, Jpeg, PDF) via a shared dropbox folder.

    Please specify what alpha-numeric data sequence you want in the “additional information” section when you get to the checkout page – Something like 1000-1999 works well for a lot of 1000.

    Note – these come in a standard size of 22mm x 30mm  – if you require a different size please specify this in “additional information” section during checkout.

    Prices are in USD.

    Quantity Price per image
    1 $ 20.00 USD
    2 $ 17.00 USD each
    3 $ 14.00 USD each
    4 + $ 10.00 USD each
    10 + $ 6.00 USD each
    20 + $ 4.00 USD each
    50 + $ 2.00 USD each
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