GS1 DataBar Barcode


DataBar barcodes are often used to label fresh foods. These barcodes can hold information like an item’s batch number or expiry date, in addition to other attributes used at the point-of-sale such the item weight.databar example buy barcodes uk

Formerly known as Reduced Space Symbology (RSS-14), GS1 DataBar is a family of symbols most commonly seen in the GS1 DataBar Coupon.

It is a relatively new barcode symbology that was formally adopted by the global supply chain in January 2011.

All GS1 DataBar barcodes encode a GTIN-12 or GTIN-13 in a 14-digit data structure. The GS1 DataBar can carry all 14 digits of a manufacture’s GTIN and is more than 50% smaller than the typical UPC and EAN symbols.

The symbology is formally defined as ISO/IEC 24724:2006.

DataBar barcodes have been utilized to solve many problems in POS, grocery and healthcare, where additional information needs to be encoded such as product weight, expiration dates, country of origin or serial numbers, or where items are too small to allow for traditional barcode types.

GS1 DataBar was endorsed and adopted by GS1 and was expected to be the next major barcode symbology used on many trade items. There was a sunrise date on 2010 for all trade scanning systems to be able to read GS1 DataBar barcodes.