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We occasionally get enquiries about the ‘Free Bar Code Generators’ available online. There are two different types of free ‘barcode generation’ online. Some sites offer to generate free barcode numbers (they can make up a random barcode number, but they cannot provide authentic EAN or UPC barcodes that are legal for use on retail products). Other sites offer to generate free barcode images (based on your barcode number). For more information please read on:

1. Free Barcode Generators that provide made-up Barcode Numbers – Some sites offer to generate free barcode numbers. These barcodes are essentially just made up numbers. These are not legitimate retail barcodes, and it is illegal to use these made up numbers in a retail store. Using these numbers in retail stores can lead to significant problems if it is discovered. Obtaining barcodes this way (or from internet websites that sell them for next to nothing) may end up costing you a huge amount more (financially and in increased stress/hassle) in the long run.

2. Free Barcode Generators that Provide Barcode Images – If you already have purchase legitimate retail barcode numbers, there are several different options for getting them turned into barcode images:

  • Free barcode generators online can produce low quality images using your barcode number. However we advise caution in using these types of images – you are usually unable to adjust the size of these types of barcode image, and the images are of low quality. It will be a huge additional expense to you if you later need to reprint your packaging due to using poor quality barcode images in the first print run. Further, some retailers require barcode verification reports (a professional ‘test scan’ of your barcode image to ensure that it is high quality and is easily readable by barcode scanners). A barcode image generated on a free online program may be of low quality, and/or of the incorrect barcoding dimensions – consequently you risk your barcode failing a verification report.
  • You may be able to get “barcode font” on your computer (using MS Word, or other programs) – however this does not work properly for retail barcodes. The images produced are of very low quality and this causes issues when scanning.
  • Professional barcode image software is a third possibility – however good quality programs cost a large amount of money and can be very confusing to use. This may be a suitable option if you have thousands of barcode numbers that need images, however if you require a smaller amount of images it may not be the best option for you.
  • You can purchase quality barcode images from us here – for very affordable prices.